Welcome to the Blog!

Introducing the Plant + Grow Blog

Hello everyone! Welcome to Plant + Grow.

My name is Cori, and I am the houseplant lover and writer behind Plant + Grow. I started this blog in the hopes that it can be a valuable and trusted source of information for houseplant lovers everywhere.

Plant + Grow was technically started in 2018, when I created an Instagram account for my houseplants. Now called Plant + Grow, it was then called Plantly, and that’s when I first started sharing houseplant tips and tricks with my followers. I’m excited to launch Plant + Grow as a formal blog, and delve into creating more extensive content.

A Little About Me

Caring for plants is therapeutic and stress-relieving for me. Plus, I find plants endlessly rewarding and fascinating. I also enjoy incorporating plants into my interior decor, which is how I first became interested in keeping houseplants. As soon as I moved out of my parents house in University I was immediately decorating my place with plants. Houseplants provided a welcome distraction to the stress and pressure of University.

Today, I work full-time in digital marketing as an online advertising specialist, I am a contributor for The Spruce as a houseplant and gardening expert, I take on occasional digital marketing freelancing work, and I work part-time for myself in endeavours such as Plant + Grow.

I am so excited to finally launch Plant + Grow and get into the world of blogging. Bear with me – I’m new at this! I want to say thank-you again for visiting and reading this far, if you are interested in any particular topics or questions regarding caring for houseplants, feel free to contact me with any suggestions.

Happy growing!

Xoxo, Cori.